Wherever you go in Thailand you are never far from a night market and Kanchanaburi is no exception to this, there are two night markets located in the city. The main market is at the train station which has stalls selling just about anything you would want to buy (and plenty of things you won’t). The second and smaller market is at the main bus station, this one is less touristy and the prices are slightly less, if you are staying in the area and will be cooking at any point this is a great place to pick up your fresh produce.

The Night Market and the Food Market are worth a visit. The Food Market is locatet at the bus station and starts daily at 6:00 PM. You will find there various local Thai specialities and self made Thai sweets. The choice is huge and often unexpected delicious.

The Night Market is on Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays located at the train station. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays it is located at the bus station.

While the offerings at most souvenir stalls and open-air markets do not often stray beyond typical tourist knick-knacks, Kanchanaburi can be an exciting place to shop for quality gemstones. Here is the centre of Thailand’s gemstone mining industry, and Bo Ploi is one of the world’s largest production centres for blue sapphire. You will find these brilliant sapphires along with other precious and semi-precious stones at nearly every souvenir stall at various tourist attractions. But if quality is your biggest concern, then head over to Bo Ploi. The eastern approach to the Bridge over the River Kwai is one other area worth checking out. These stalls feature a diverse collection of crafts and home décor items, including bamboo crafts, readymade wear, Thai musical instruments, ceramics, lacquerware, bronzeware, paper parasols, silk and gemstones.

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If your eyes glow and heart pounds with every time you see sparkling little gemstones, a trip to Bo Ploi is a must. This small village is home to one of Thailand’s most active industrial gemstone mining industries, and Bo Ploi Jewellery Handicraft Centre is where you can watch how these precious and semi-precious stones, particularly blue sapphire, onyx and ruby, are honed and fashioned into dazzling rings, brooches and penchants. Bring more cash than necessary, as you will need it.

Thai markets are great places to visit as they offer fascinating shopping experiences. Some markets are mainly for the fresh agricultural produce and meats, and others would be combination of different wares (from clothing to electrical to souvenirs).  But most markets would also have a variety of local food which you cannot find in restuarants. Beware that many dishes are actually quite spicy as the food is catered to local Thais and not farangs.

There are many markets in Kanchanaburi itself.  Some are open daily, others on specific days only.  Each of the market are quite unique and strolling among them enlightens us to the social lifestyle of the local Thais.

Ten minutes drive from the centre of Kanchanaburi town is the rural village of Ban Nong Khao.  It is a charming countryside location with a farming community which opens a market on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon/evening (at time of writing).  A map is shown at the end of this post.  The market has local fresh produce.

Red Square is a shopping street with market stalls.  Turn right off the 324 to U Thong just before the railway line. The street is wide and not used much for through traffic so it is quieter and leisurely.  A good place to buy plants and garden ornaments. The market stalls are open twice weekly – Tuesday and Friday

Pak Phraek Walking Street Market has been open since March 2016.  It is open Saturdays from 4pm until about 10.30pm. Situated close to the City Shrine. GPS Location : 14.020676, 99.529299

Hua Na Market is one of many in Kanchanaburi.  Behind the River Kwai Hotel. Not far from the Railway Station on Pattanakan Road, it is open twice weekly in the afternoons – at time of writing Thursdays and Mondays.

Yang Koh is a village 20 km south of Kanchanaburi town. On the 3209 close to the Tamarind Resort. It is a beautiful rural drive from town, with views of mountains and paddy fields.  Every Sunday there’s an enormous market mainly selling food.  A colourful experience so much part of Thai culture and so here are a few photos.



Drawing quite a few travellers thanks to a convenient location just west of the train station, the main night market is a fun place to browse fried munchies, grilled meats, curries for takeaway and a notably strong selection of sweet things. Look for gooey grilled bananas, balls of tapioca stuffed with a sweet mix of pork and peanut (sa-kuu sai muu) and coconut sticky rice topped with mango and jackfruit. While you’ll find very few places to sit down and eat, most of the food is suited to snacking while you peruse the clothing section.

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