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Kanchanaburi’s nightlife scene continues to get bigger and louder, with most foreigner-oriented bars clustered around the southern side of Maenam Kwai Road. Many have billiards tables and flatscreen TVs showing the latest football matches. The majority seem to cater to backpackers looking to get hammered on as few baht as possible. Expect to see signs like “Drink Drunk Dance” and “Get Shit Faced”. There are even hole-in-the-wall bars that offer small shots for 10 baht a piece.

While there’s now a midnight cut off time for loud music, several bars—especially the seedier ones—pull down awnings and keep the parties going all the way until daybreak if patrons stick around. Do stay in control, as these are the times when bad things tend to happen

Then there are the floating discos and the loud, brash bars on Song Kwai Road.

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